By: Chad Harris

Utah Executive System

Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge about the main duties of the executive branch of the government through a numbered heads activity and by correctly completing a worksheet given them.

(State Core Objective 6040-05: "Students will be explain how the government operates in Utah and compare it to other forms of government around the world.")



-The Little Rascals (the movie)

-Discovering Utah (textbook by McCormick and McCormick)

-Rules for 'Numbered heads' game (Dr. Deborah Byrnes-USU-Logan,UT)

-Info-sheet on the executive branch of the government(attached).



1. Show the clip from "The Little Rascals" where Buckwheat and his pal are sent to make sure that Alfalfa is guarding 'the Blur'.

2. Ask the students if they can figure out from the clip what the main job of the executive system is. Tell them they will learn this in their lesson today.

3. Split the class into equal numbered groups and explain to them the rules for "Numbered heads"(see guidelines below). Have them read the text on pages 147-148 about the executive system together. Tell them to look for the answers for the info-sheet as they go along. Be sure to emphasize the need for all students to know the answers.

4. When the students are through learning the information, collect the information sheets and play numbered heads.

5. Lead a short discussion on how the groups helped everyone learn the information and also how they can improve.



Check for understanding during Numbered Heads by watching for interaction and participation in the groups and by how well they answer the questions.


Instructions for Numbered Heads

1. Form small groups and have them number off in groups.

2. Pose a problem to be solved or give questions to be answered.

3. Ask students to work together so everyone knows the answers and can explain them.(For the team to do well everyone has to know the answers)

4. Call out a number. The student with that number answers the question for the team. Choose how you want it to be answered (orally, thumbs-up or down, in writing, on the board).

5. Have the group process their work. How did you make sure everyone in your group knew the answer? What helped? What did not help?

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