Utah Counties


Grade Level 4

Completed as a part of the requirements for El Ed 4050
Fall Semester, 1999
Jay Monson-course instructor, USU


Table of Contents

Initiation Activities

  • Cover Page

  • KWL

Developmental Activities

  • Utah Train Song

  • Writing to My County

  • Population Math

  • History Behind the Name

  • Area Observation

  • Resources and Manufactoring

  • County Reports

Culminating Activities

  • Oral Reports

  • KWL

Lesson #2

Writing to My County


  • Students will be able to write a business letter in correct format.
  • Students will eventually obtain information about the county they are studying and will be able to use that information in their county report.



  • Example of business letter on transparency
  • Addresses to mail to (on slips of paper)
  • Paper and pencil



  • A good way to obtain information on a county is to write directly to the county seat and request information.
  • A business letter is a type of letter that is used when writing to a business or a professional individual.



  • Show example of business letter and ask what is different from this form and the regular letter form.
  • Explain the parts of a business letter:
    • -Heading: includes the sender s information - address and date

      -Inside address: includes the name and address of the person or company you are writing to. If the person you are writing to has a title this should go after their name following a comma. The inside address should be 4-7 lines below the heading on the left margin.

      -Salutation: the greeting or way of saying hello.

      -Body: the main part of the letter, your request, the reason you are writing the letter.

      -Closing: use either very truly, yours truly, or sincerely with a business letter. Always place a comma after the closing.

      -Signature: end your letter by signing your name. On the line below your signature print your name.


  • Give each student the address to the county they are studying.
  • Have each student write a letter in business form requesting information on the county.
  • When completed have students get in pairs and check each others writing for accuracy.
  • If needed, rewrite a final draft at home.



  • Go over how to fold the letter and address the envelope.
  • Address, stamp, and mail letters.


Resource for addresses: http://www.uacnet.org/county.html - Utah Association of Counties

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