Utah History & Geography

4th Grade

Created By Amy Proksch


"Completed as part of the requirements for El Ed 4050 Fall Semester, 1999,

Jay Monson, course instructor, USU"




Unit Outline

Introduction to Utah

Large Map KWL of Utah

Social Studies

Geography- counties, rivers, lakes, mountains, and deserts

History- five Native American Tribes, and Early settlers

Language Arts

Counties research project- research process, letters to county seats, and

documentation of resources


Distances (column addition and large number addition)

How much do you eat? (conversion of Native American food recipes to serve

larger quantities of people)


Large Utah Diorama (students work in groups)


Math Lesson Plan #1



  • Students will be able to practice large digit addition.
  • Students will become familiar with column addition.
  • Students will develop knowledge of counties and county seats.

Materials:Utah map, string, and ruler


  • Explain problem to the class. Students will have been studying the Utah counties and seats. To help them get acquainted more with these towns students will work on a problem to discover the distances between county seats.
  • Problem: Your are in Logan and plan to visit St George and Moab. On your way to St George, you must visit three other seats along the way. From St. George you travel to Moab and visit three more counties. Plot your travel route.
  • Students must determine the distance from one destination to the next. They must also figure the total distance round trip.
  • Ask students:-How they decided on a route?
  • -What was the first distance?

    -Does it matter which cities are visited?

    -Does this make a difference in answers?

    -How did they figure the mileage?

  • Help the students label the work they have done. Students will be working with more than two columns. These numbers will also be larger. Students need to keep place value and be able to carry numbers.


As students travel with parents or plan family trips, they can help determine the places and distances to be traveled.



Annette Ashliman's 4th grade resource file at Lincoln Elementary, Hyrum, Utah.

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